Materi Trading

3 Cara Entry Untuk Swing Trading

Sebelum terjun ke dunia trading forex, apa tujuan utama yang melatarbelakangi keinginan trader terjun dalam trading forex. Salah satu trader memutuskan untuk terjun dalam dunia trading adalah untuk meraih profit yang sangat besar. Salah satu strategi forex yang dapat diandalkan untuk mencapai tujuan tersebut adalah swing trading. Swing trading merupakan salah satu strategi trading yang […]

Tips for Using Fibonacci Retracements

One of the popular tools among forex or commodity traders is able to provide support or resistance information that other forex indicators do not have. The Fibonacci indicator will focus on areas where the pullback can reverse towards the trend, then help confirm entry points. In general, Fibonacci will help isolate pullbacks when they are […]

Know the Type of Order in Trading

There are many types of orders in forex, which traders use to manage their transactions. While it may vary between brokers, there are trends in some basic forex order types that all brokers accept. Knowing what it is and having a solid understanding can help a trader to enter and exit the market properly. These […]

Types of Stop Loss

Stop loss or cut loss is a risk management method that traders should take with the aim of increasing their chances of profit in the next trading session. A stop loss is something that a trader must do to prevent something that a trader does not want, namely a loss due to a wrong analysis […]

Tips to Avoid Sideways Market

Please note, not all sideways conditions are always the same, some can be traded and some must be avoided. Even though it is full of confusion because the movement seems to be without direction, there are some tips that can be done for trading in sideways conditions. Don’t trade when the market is open These […]

How to Measure Breakout Strength

The strength of the breakout, traders already know whether it is trading with a breakout strategy and the indicators that can be used to detect it. Likewise, you already know that prices are consolidating in a certain period then there are two possibilities that: The price will move in reverse (reversal breakout) The price will […]

How to Determine the Best Forex Strategy

Technical analysis aims to predict future prices based on past price movements. Therefore, how to make a forex trading strategy based on technical analysis will ignore other things outside of price movements, be it news or fundamental data, and have no effect on decisions made based on technical analysis, although in practice traders can combine […]

How to Write a Trading Plan

A trading plan is a complete guide to what a trader will do in the market. This plan should include clear rules for entering and exiting the market, money management rules, and also outlining time frames, trading instruments. This should be made before starting trading. The trading plan consists of: Trading style. Define what type […]

The Importance of a Demo Account in Trading

A forex trading account is an account provided by a broker as a place for traders to practice their trading skills. The demo account is exactly the same as the real forex account. Starting from the movement of indicators, buy or sell, and other things. Before a trader tries to dive into the world of […]

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